Company History

In 2001, Seth Dawson, CFO of a large industrial contractor in Baton Rouge, Louisiana needed to solve the problem of managing the large volumes of paperwork associated with running a self-performing construction company. As revenues climbed, so did the cost and burden of filing, routing, reviewing, and storing the associated documents. Logically, he decided to seek an outside solution from several leading providers of imaging and document workflow technology, including his existing accounting software vendor. What he found were very expensive solutions that only solved part of the problem, so he began developing with Paul Rice what has evolved into the Paperless Environments System.

In 2005, Seth and Paul realized that their new system could benefit other construction companies and launched Paperless Environments. Since 2005, Paperless Environments has installed 800+ systems, and integrated with most of the popular construction accounting, project management, and estimating systems on the market. In 2008, Paperless Environments made the top tier in several categories of the well respected, CFMA Information Technology Survey. Paperless Environments offers its customers a “best-of-class” solution, with expert engineering and support that is guaranteed to increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of handling paper. 

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