Paperless Environments Integrates with MatrixCare Enterprise Financials

October 16, 2018

The MatrixCare Connections Partner Program is specifically designed to help long-term, post-acute care providers become successful in an ever-changing regulatory and economic landscape. This unique, client-centric collaboration among technology providers ensures operators receive the benefits of partners working together to improve quality of care across the LTPAC spectrum.

pVault®, our enterprise content management product, has been successfully integrated with MatrixCare Enterprise Financials, in addition to 30 other business systems. Our current implementations have saved MatrixCare customers hundreds of thousands of dollars through the adoption of our accounts payable invoice processing, routing and approval solution. Our products offer comprehensive document scanning and import features, advanced OCR software for data capture and classification, mobile eForms, robust workflow routing, powerful search and retrieval features and secure storage and archiving capabilities.

Our Paperless Environments® software allows MatrixCare customers to gain control over paper-intensive business processes throughout their organizations by streamlining manual routing of data, protecting personal information, providing a secure and auditable repository for business-critical information and enabling organizations to comply with federal, state and local regulations. Some key business areas include:

We connect with MatrixCare software via an integration to MatrixCare's Enterprise Financials to provide an accounts payable data entry interface through our APFlow™ product.  We leverage pVault® as an entry point for AP invoice processors, enabling them to enter AP invoices, route invoices for approval and export the approved/ready-to-pay invoices to Enterprise Financials' AP module.

MatrixCare/Paperless Integration

Our solution performs live lookups and validation against multiple Enterprise Financials data tables, including vendors, GL accounts, CIP projects and sub-coding and calculation of due dates. Routing rules can be created based upon captured or keyed data, meaning all invoices coded to a specific CIP project can be routed to its project manager or all invoices over a certain amount can be routed to a supervisor for final approval.

MatrixCare/Paperless Integration 2

Once the invoice is completely approved, we use MatrixCare's CSV import tool to load the approved invoices into Enterprise Financials from which they can then be posted, paid, etc. When a check is printed, managers can review the check run, along with an image of the invoice and other supporting documents, before releasing it for payment.

Stay tuned for future MatrixCare Enterprise Financials integrations, which may include: