APFlow™ Accounts Payable Workflow

The APFlow™ Accounts Payable Workflow Module replaces your manual invoice approval and coding system with a paperless process that can reduce the cost of accounts payable invoice processing as well as improves invoice approval turnaround time by over fifty percent.

A custom-built Bridge™ links the APFlow™ Module to your accounting software’s data files to ensure high-speed validation and single-entry, single-touch integration.


Our customers agree that implementing APFlow™ has made such an impact on their accounts payable process that, within a few months, the system returned most of its investment. 

The increases in efficiency and profitability come from:

  • Higher A/P invoice processing production.
  • Reduction in handling/courier costs.
  • The ability to take advantage of quick-pay discount opportunities offered by vendors.
  • Instant access to accounts payable information and documents.