Construction Workflows of the Future

Paperless Environments® offers a suite of software designed for the construction industry to eliminate wasted time and money caused by lost paperwork, inefficient processes, and outdated workflows.

Automated Accounts Payable Processes

APFlow™ replaces your manual invoice approval and coding system with a paperless process that can reduce the cost of accounts payable invoice processing and improve invoice approval turnaround time by over 50 percent.

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Simplified Compliance & Risk Management

Greenlight Compliance is the most comprehensive compliance software for the construction industry on the market. We give users the power to track, respond, and document all phases of the compliance procedure. Never fail to comply again with this easy-to-use document management system for regulatory compliance.

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Digital Forms For Mobile Devices

eForms™ revolutionizes your forms processes by enabling you to take project and client forms with you wherever you go in an easy-to-use app that is accessible everywhere, even when you’re offline.

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Capture & Submit Data From Anywhere

Use your smartphone or tablet to scan receipts, photos, receiving tickets, and more with an instant connection to your office pVault® from wherever you are. Let's revolutionize your data entry and document routing process with eCapture™.

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Secure Storage

Replace losing loose physical papers with secure digital document storage and routing.


Time Saved Equals Money Saved

You will be amazed at the time and money your business will save simply by updating your outdated workflow processes with digital solutions.

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Collaborate from Anywhere

Our suite of digital software allows your team to create, route, and approve documents from the office, home, jobsite, or even from the back nine.

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Improve Customer Relationships

When your business becomes more efficient, your customers experience the benefits, too.

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Feel Good Going Green

The planet will thank you when you eliminate physical paper from your daily workflows.

What's Possible with Paperless?

What Do Our Customers Think?

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Clients Worldwide

We're proud to serve over 1,800 clients on an international scale who we have helped to transform their daily business workflows for the better.

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Revolutionary Construction Software Solutions

Paperless Environments® offers 10 unique and powerful software solutions designed to enhance your daily construction operations to bring your business to the next level.

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Years in Business

We created our software because no one else had the construction software solutions we needed, so we made them ourselves.

Experience Paperless for Yourself!

Our team of experts is ready to show you what's possible with Paperless Environments®. We'd love to show you how our suite of document management software can work together to transform your business.

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