About Paperless Environments®

About Paperless Environments®

#1 Content Management and Workflow Automation Solutions Provider for the Construction Industry

Our Mission

To replace paper-based processes and workflows with intelligent, paperless solutions.

Our Core Values

  • We Are Team Players
  • We Are Customer-Focused
  • We Are Passionate For Greatness
  • We Are Growth-Minded

Our Vision

To inspire workplace productivity and profitability to become the leading content management and workflow solutions provider.

How do we go about doing this?

We create effective solutions that re-engineer electronic filing procedures, automate repetitive tasks and empower our clients to securely manage vital documents.

The outcome?

Giving companies the ability to function like a well-oiled machine.

Company History

Many founders have great hopes to see their businesses thrive but don’t have access to the right tools or know-how to empower their staff.

That’s why Paperless Environments® exists.

In 2001, Seth Dawson, CFO of a large heavy civil and industrial contractor in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, needed to solve the problem of managing the large volume of paperwork associated with running a self-performing
construction company. As revenues climbed, so did the cost and burden of filing, routing, reviewing and storing the associated documents. Logically, he decided to seek an outside solution from several leading providers of imaging and document workflow technology, including his existing accounting software vendor. What he found were very expensive solutions that only solved part of the problem, so he began developing what has evolved into the Paperless Environments® System.


Since 2005, Paperless Environments® has installed 1,800+ client systems located in all 50 states and 5 different countries. Customers represent over 50,000 users and range from small single-digit employee
construction firms to publicly traded giants with thousands of employees. The key to our success is the partnership and integration with most of the popular ERP systems on the market.

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