It may be time to update your pVault® Database!!

We have found that with most of our clients, once their pVault® system is installed and they are up and running, no one thinks about the database that it is running on. As time goes on, newer versions of SQL Server are published by Microsoft and each gives us additional functionality and/or performance enhancements that make your pVault® system run better! Microsoft also periodically releases service packs that need to be installed to fix performance issues.

Typical clients run their pVault® system on the provided Microsoft SQL Express database.  If you are one of these clients, it may be time to upgrade to the latest version of SQL Express. 

The oldest version of MS SQL currently supported by pVault® is MS SQL 2014 SP3 (v 12.0.6329.1).  If you are on a version older than 2014, you should consider upgrading ASAP.  If you are currently on MS SQL 2014, updating to SQL Server 2017 is recommended.   There are several performance enhancements that can be had by upgrading to this later version.  Also, while SQL server 2014 is still supported by Microsoft, it won’t be long before they eventually sunset this 6-year-old system.

If you need help determining if an upgrade is warranted, send in a ticket to our support department ( and ask that a technician get online with you to determine the steps to move forward.

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