Q&A With Our New VP Business Development

Paperless Environments® is excited to announce the addition of Maria Kinney to our team as Vice President of Business Development. With a passion for teamwork, her strong interpersonal skills and experience delivering positive customer outcomes, Maria is an excellent addition to our team. Read on to learn more about her background and what she's most excited about in her new role with Paperless Environments®.

Name: Maria Kinney

Title: VP Business Development

Where are you from? Sacramento, CA. I grew up in a family-oriented, tree-lined area of East Sacramento. A fun fact is that the Reagans lived two blocks away when Ronald Reagan was governor of California, so, as a kid, I got to knock on the front door to get free jellybeans from the Secret Service teams and attend all of Ron and Nancy’s children’s parties with occasional celebrity entertainers.

What attracted you to Paperless? Seth, Paul and the entire Paperless team have a strong client-satisfaction focus. Seth’s vision for a team that knows to “do the right thing” for the clients sets the stage for a spirit of loyalty and cooperation among all the team members. With that focus, the Paperless team family works in a very cohesive manner, so this provides for a spirit of fun and loyalty in our work environment.

What are you most excited about taking over this new role at Paperless? Having always worked in large, global organizations with a singular focus on large, multi-year and enterprise environments, I’m excited to work with a tighter team and a larger, more diverse client base. Paperless clients truly appreciate the focus the team gives to accounts and are open about providing updates and ideas. It’s exciting to hear all the great feedback and creative ideas from both the Paperless teams and the clients in our Paperless family.

What experience from your previous jobs will benefit Paperless? Client service has been my focus throughout my career. I really enjoy learning about and connecting with clients. Whether working enterprise deals in my IBM days, phased multi-year client growth initiatives in my Kofax days or client service challenges in my KMBS days, I’ve always been able to break down challenges and opportunities into manageable components with strong results. It’s fun to make a client happy and have a team win.

What would you tell people who are considering making the switch to Paperless? There’s not a system on the market with a stronger value. Paperless can make that difference in your environment in a cost-effective manner that no other system can compare. Between team access, responsiveness and strong technology, there is not a provider with all the winning value components the Paperless can offer.

What's the best piece of advice you ever received? “Your body needs to be where your mind is.”  – Leticia Lawrence

My father passed away when I was three weeks old, leaving my mother Leticia Lawrence a widow raising an infant and three young children. She sold real estate to keep food on the table while putting us all through private schools, putting herself through college, then earning an accounting degree and holding down a successful career. She made a great childhood and foundation for a good life for all of us. I asked her how she did it all and she said simply, “Focus, don’t get ahead of yourself, give people the attention they deserve, be present.” Often when my brother or sisters and I were getting distracted, worried, not doing our best or just getting ahead of ourselves, she would stop us and ask, “Is your body where your mind is?”

When not working, how do you like to spend your time? I actually really enjoy working! When I’m not at a client site or at my computer, I’m on co-ed tennis night league with some great people. The balance of my free time is spent on senior animal rescue, travel and hanging out at my ranch with my husband and our menagerie of rescue hens, peacocks, cats and dogs.

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