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The 5 Best SHRM Resources

SHRM: If you are in the Human Resources Department, you undoubtedly know what SHRM is, and you have probably referred to their tools and resources often

If you’re not in the Human Resources Department, SHRM stands for the Society for Human Resource Management. SHRM is the largest HR professional society in the world with more than 280,000 members in 165 countries. SHRM is the go-to source for development, growth and expertise in all things human resource management.

With a plethora of resources, we’ve narrowed them down to the ones that we’ve found most helpful. Keep in mind that you’ll need an SHRM membership to view the tools below, which includes all-access to resources as well as ten digital reader issues of HR Magazine:

  1. Benchmarking Services - The one question on any business owner’s mind is “How do I stack up against my competition?” SHRM’s benchmarking service will help you answer that question with over 500 customizable benchmark reports in everything from human capital to health care to paid leave.
  2. Interview Questions - No matter what side of the table you happen to be on during an interview, it can be somewhat nerve-wracking. If you’re the interviewer, you may be unsure of how to ask the right questions to navigate through the waters of applicants. With these helpful questions divided by competencies, you’re sure to find the right fit for your team.
  3. Presentations - As a part of the Human Resources Department, one of your main tasks will involve giving presentations to co-workers on important policies, procedures and guidelines. SHRM provides many pre-made and customizable presentations that are already outfitted with the correct information. Simply tailor it to your specific needs!
  4. Job Descriptions - You may not think twice about the tasks your co-workers do on a regular basis. But if a time arises when you need to replace them, you may be at a loss for how to describe said job. You can use this resource as a great starting point to attract the perfect recruits.
  5. SHRM eLearning - Whether you’re a seasoned HR professional, or you are just getting into the business, SHRM’s eLearning classes will ensure that you’re up-to-date on all policies and required certifications.

These are just a few of the many helpful resources provided by SHRM. The community of professionals is consistently producing the most current material available. Guarantee that you stay ahead of the industry curve by becoming a member!

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