Paperless Environments®‘ Content Management Solution now Available on Acumatica Marketplace

Paperless Environments®‘ Content Management Solution is now available on the Acumatica Marketplace


Paperless Environments®’, the leader in document and enterprise content management for the construction industry, announced today at the Construction Financial Management Association Annual Conference (CFMA) and Exhibition in Las Vegas that its automated enterprise content management solution is now available for Acumatica’s Cloud ERP offerings. Combining Paperless Environments®’ industry-leading document management solution with Acumatica’s leading cloud ERP makes it easy for Acumatica’s clients to streamline document capture, automate AP workflows, and effortlessly implement document retention schedules while leveraging a secure, retrievable repository for better customer service, reduction of printing and distribution, organizational security and overall increased efficiency and productivity.

Unlike general content management platforms or static workflows which are cumbersome to implement, difficult to maintain, easily circumvented, or quickly outdated, Paperless Environments®’ suite of offerings are time – tested with over 15 years of proven client success.  Paperless systems are easily implemented and maintained and require minimal advanced coding or scripting during implementation.  Paperless automates the entire data and document lifecycle, from capturing information at the perimeter of your organization to workflow advancement and tracking, all while providing continuous visibility throughout the workflow process. 

“Automated document management, workflow, and content management is a natural onboarding to any ERP system,” said Seth Dawson, CEO and President of Paperless Environments®. “The need will continue to increase as organizations grow and keep pushing the demand for better compliance and more efficient processes.  Paperless initiatives are the only way to answer client demands for better security, tracking and compliance.   Companies are smarter now, and any company who has been burned in the past with cumbersome or incomplete solutions will value the Paperless Environments®’ elegant suite of ECM offerings,”. 

“Paperless ECM integration with Acumatica offers our customers a complete solution for managing business records from capturing to storing to automated workflow. We are excited to welcome Paperless Environments to our marketplace and thrilled to offer the value of the integrated solution to our customers.”

– Ajoy Krishnamoorthy, VP of Platform & Technology, Head of Construction at Acumatica.
 Why Paperless Environments®

Paperless Environments® offers solutions that feature automated workflows which fully integrate and leverage your existing business applications. Our products are flexible, scalable, and easy to use and maintain, allowing you to leverage your Paperless Environments® investment in all areas of your enterprise.

Paperless EnvironmentsEnvironments® is a content management and process automation software company. Our products integrate electronic versions of paper documents and other digital information (content) with Acumatica’s system and infrastructure.

Recent emphasis on regulatory compliance, cost containment and productivity enhancement has caused our clients to seek ways to automate traditional labor intensive, paper-based processes.  Our solutions are backed by expert engineering and training, as well as support from people who “know” content management and stay in tune with customer functionality requirements.  Join our growing list of over 1200 satisfied customers who are realizing the cost savings and efficiency of a paperless environment.

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