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Paperless’ Future

I’ve been asked many times, “What are you guys at Paperless working on?” That is typically a hard thing to disclose because as soon as you mention something you are working on, word gets out, and then it’s a constant “Are you finished yet?” On the other hand, unfortunately, we occasionally have a client leave for the “greener grass” on the other side of the road because they either didn’t know we had certain capabilities or were unaware that we were coming out with new functionality that would solve their problem. So, I thought I would take a minute to tell you, our loyal customers, where we are headed.


The “big ticket” item that we have been talking about and needing for some time is finally in development. That would be a cloud-based, browser-based pVault® system! It is finally time where almost all businesses either want or expect their business software to be available “in the cloud” so that they can have instant access from anywhere and on any device. It is a very big project to take what we have been developing for the past 16 years as an on-premise software package and re-write it to be multi-tenant, cloud-based, but also have a user interface that is browser-based. The Paperless development team has rolled up their sleeves and is well underway to making this plan a reality. They are excited to see it come to life, and we can’t wait to share it with you.


We are spending a lot of time building on the success of our eForms application for electronic forms. We are working on the following:

  • Online Document Library – will allow customers to review and download pre-defined form templates to their admin portal which will greatly reduce setup time.
  • Customizable Features – additional screen color options; customizable question tooltips, and more.
  • Flexible Form Output Customization – we are adding a more powerful form “report” module which will allow customers to make their forms looks exactly like their current printed forms.
  • Extended Output Methods – In addition to pushing forms to your pVault® system, we are adding additional ways to extract the data that is gathered by the forms. Output methods will include XML, JSON, and CSV exports. Updates to spreadsheets and more importantly your ERP systems will be available.
  • ERP System Specific eForms – We will have libraries of forms that are made specifically for the ERP system you are using. This will enable you to capture form information and have it update your ERP system with that data as well as a copy of the form itself.
  • eForms on Any Device – In the beginning, our eForms app was made specifically for tablet devices.  It is now also available from a web-based portal for your local PCs as well as a newly published smartphone version.

Our document routing module, DocRoute™, has been around for about 14 years now! In that time, we have received many great feature requests and suggestions from our customers. We are now slated to take all of those requests and suggestions to re-write DocRoute™ to be much more flexible and powerful. We will do this taking into consideration tying it into your email system as well as our ePortal so that DocRoute™ can be used to route documents not only among your internal pVault® users but also to external users that we work with on a daily basis as well.

These are the four “major” initiatives that we have going on at Paperless Environments®. In addition to these big projects, we are also constantly “tweaking” our current pVault® and APFlow™ products, taking into consideration the requests and suggestions we get from our awesome customers like you! Thank you so much for being our customer, and we hope to have a long and successful relationship with you as you grow with us.

Seth Dawson

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