DocRoute™ by Paperless Environments®

Send Them Safely.


Send Them Safely.

Route any document for review, approval, or signature, throughout your organization, with DocRoute™ Document Routing Module by Paperless Environments®. It’s document management made easy.

DocRoute™ Document Routing Module extends the Paperless Environments® pVault® Enterprise Content Management’s distribution functionality. Content received by your company or stored in pVault® can be distributed to members of the organization electronically using either pre-defined or ad-hoc route rules both in-house or externally using ePortal.

With DocRoute™:
  • Send project documents to your project managers, anywhere.
  • Track, route, and store approvals.
  • Work as easily in your truck as in your office.
  • Secure, auditable, reliable document routing process.
Product Features


  • Electronically route project documents (invoices, contracts, photos, change orders, etc.) for review or approval
  • Reply, reroute, or recall routed content.  


  • Create pre-defined route rules for repeat work or build ad-hoc routes for special, one-off projects.
  • Define routing rules to automatically route newly indexed documents to the appropriate people or roles that require notification or approval.


  • Add comments, notes, and replies to invoices and store in pVault®.
  • Store notes, annotations, and audit information with each routed document.


  • Secure routed documents against unauthorized access and review.
  • Establish hard route-return dates and monitor route progress.

Use DocRoute™ to easily, electronically route, approve, review, and store documents and files throughout your company.

Route Forms and Documents Easily and Securely in Real-Time.

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