eCapture™ by Paperless Environments®

Digital Documentation From Your Mobile Device.


Digital Documentation From Your Mobile Device.

Use your smartphone or tablet to scan receipts, photos, receiving tickets, and more with an instant connection to your office pVault® from wherever you are. Let’s revolutionize your data entry and document routing process.

eCapture™ lets you:
  • Scan and upload job photos, delivery tickets, receipts, and more right from your smartphone or tablet
  • Instantly submit the photos and relevant data back to the home office for immediate storage and routing, and never leave the jobsite
Product Features
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Your smartphone or tablet becomes your own personal scanner to upload all the important paperwork you need to send to the office. Unlock the power of remote data capture.

Just snap a picture and submit it to pVault® using eCapture.

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Make notes right on your job photos and submit them to pVault® for immediate storage and routing.

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Upload receipts, task information, vendor information, dates, coding information, and other beneficial data. Receipts can be automatically matched to credit card transactions imported into the APFlow module.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“We use the eCapture & eForm apps to document our work in the field. On one occasion, a customer called a few weeks after we installed her countertop and said she had an issue. We were able to show her that when we left, the issue was not there and must have been caused by another trade. We still helped her resolve the issue, but this changed the narrative of it being our fault.”

– Ryan Kennedy, President at PS Wholesale


Use eCapture™ to store all those credit card receipts, invoices, and receiving tickets before you lose them.  

Clear Out That Pile of Receipts. We’ve Made It Easy.

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