Greenlight Compliance


Greenlight Compliance

Take a Proactive Approach Toward Risk Management.


Take a Proactive Approach Toward Risk Management.

Greenlight Compliance is the most comprehensive compliance software for the construction industry on the market. We give users the power to track, respond, and document all phases of the compliance procedure. Never fail to comply again with this easy-to-use document management system for regulatory compliance.

With Greenlight Compliance:
  • Lien waiver tracking means no more spreadsheets or three-ring binders.
  • Never guess the status of your contractor licenses again.
  • Automated certified payroll reports ensure timely payment.
Product Features

Lien Waiver Tracking

  • Integrates with most accounting software programs. 
  • Automated, proactive process eliminates errors 
  • Intuitive dashboard and email alerts keep you on top of waiver statuses with ease

Contractor Licenses

  • Automates tracking, storage, and retrieval of your company’s and your subcontractor’s licenses. 
  • Tracks expiration dates, continuing ed hours, license docs, and bid limits.

Insurance Tracking

  • Centralizes and simplifies a paper-intensive process in one location.
  • Integrates with most accounting programs and eliminates the need for duplicate entry work for vendors, jobs, and subcontracts. 

Certified Payroll

  • Manage the collection of your sub-contractors certified payroll reports based on your specific criteria to ensure timely payment for each of your jobs.

Vendor Portal

  • Effortlessly process documents, sign lien waivers, update insurance details, and view compliance statuses. 
  • Integrates with most ERP systems to eliminate duplicate entries and save you from having to make manual updates, manage email threads, and scan completed documents.

Greenlight Compliance is the easy-to-use and comprehensive software solution to simplify your complicated construction compliance process. 

Ditch the Three-Ring Binders With Greenlight Compliance.

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