Paperless OCR


Paperless OCR by Paperless Environments®

30 Seconds to Automation.


30 Seconds to Automation.

Paperless OCR automates and accelerates processing high volumes of documents – classifying them, extracting key index fields, and exporting them as searchable files. Just drag and drop a document from your files into your pVault®, and in fewer than 30 seconds, Paperless OCR brings your manual data entry process into the 21st century.

No More:
  • Fumbling through paperwork.
  • Spending hours on manual data entry.
Product Features


  • Reduces the need for manual data entry.
  • Spend less time storing, filing, and retrieving printed documents.

Fast & Accurate

  • Drag and drop the document from your files into your pVault®.  
  • In fewer than 30 seconds, automate your manual data entry process.


  • Adapts to your habits and adjusts to your workflow.
  • Digitize invoices and extract key information from your paper and other digital forms and eliminate manual entry.
  • Seamlessly integrate with your company’s document processing flow.

Paperless Environments® technology uses machine learning to adapt to your habits to correct or train engines to adjust to your workflow. Paperless OCR learns standardized forms and document templates and where specific data points are located.

Paperless OCR is Smarter, Faster, and Looks Better in Blue Jeans Than Your Current Manual Data Entry Process.

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