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pVault® was designed to store and manage ALL your business documents in ONE secure place, all while eliminating human error.

How much time and effort does it take to gather those documents from your employees and jobsites?

How much time and effort does it take to find an old copy of a document, make multiple copies, and distribute it to the people that need that information?

Where do your critical business documents reside now?
  • Desktop, laptop, network server drives?
  • Jobsite trailers, remote offices, filing cabinets, and storage warehouses?
  • Maybe even the dashboards and seats of your superintendent’s truck?

pVault® is the Workflow Automation Software You’ve Been Searching For.

pVault® is your homebase for all Paperless Environments® document management software solutions. All electronic business records that are created or received during normal business workflow can be captured and indexed into pVault® for fast, easy, multi-user access and distribution.

pVault® makes it easy and efficient for your employees, clients, and subcontractors to gather documents in a multitude of ways. Securely manage your documents and give access at the level you decide. Easily retrieve the information you need for the annual audit, sales tax audit, or occasional legal issue. Route documents electronically for collaboration and approval. Automate the lifecycle of your documents based upon the rules your business requires.

pVault® not only provides structured controls on how your company manages digital documents and electronic files but also acts as a tool to secure and manage electronic content so your organization complies with federal, state, and local electronic information requirements. Plus, you get to reclaim and repurpose the storage space you once used to store paper documents.

  • Eliminates duplicate file storage
  • Secures and manages electronic content
  • Print captures from any program
  • Maintains history of document revisions
Product Features
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  • Easily capture and access any type of document from any location, whenever you need it.
  • Capture electronic files via desktop scanners, drag-n-drop, print capture, electronic import, web apps or Microsoft Office® 365 functionality.
  • Automatically assign documents to custom user queues for further processing.
  • Streamline data capture using optional OCR technology that automatically reads and indexes documents with fewer errors than manual data entry and routes them to the right queues.
  • Save and store credit card receipts, payment records, contracts, drawings, receiving tickets, and other job files in one secure place.
  • Automatically store document revisions.
  • Be transparent and accountable with detailed logging of every step of your process.
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Index & Store

  • Use any of over 100 predefined document types. Or define your own custom document types and indexes.
  • Easily connect index values to your accounting system or other database tables for automatic backfilling and validation.
  • Index and store electronic files like MS Excel® worksheets, MS Word® documents, or PDF files in their native format.
  • Automatically index and store MS Outlook® or Gmail™ records.
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  • Retrieve documents via any combination of index fields.
  • Restrict users to view only allowed content with multi-level security-driven access.
  • Create public or user defined search templates for one-click searching.
  • Utilize integrated reporting to link business transactions with electronic content using Crystal Reports™.
  • Public, departmental, or individual user queues are available to streamline further processing of documents gathered in the capture process.
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  • Route scanned batches electronically to process or for indexing and filing.
  • Distribute documents via email, print, queue, web publishing or save-to-file.
  • Annotate document images with stamps, notes, lines, and signatures.
  • Convert document images to PDF for universal distribution.
  • Consolidate documents and deliver with data and stand-alone viewer utilizing CDPlus.
  • Implement APFlow and DocRoute modules to electronically route accounts payable and other documents for collaboration and approval.
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Lifecycle Management

  • Establish life-cycle scheduling to archive and dispose electronic content by document type and projects.
  • Place litigation “holds” on documents involved in claims.

pVault® is your home base for Paperless Environments®' full suite of software that is dedicated to connecting your team in the field with the office while simplifying your processes, protecting your data, and saving you time and money.

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