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Accounting Meets Automation

Remove the inefficiencies that come with processing physical papers and capturing data in the construction industry, and get rid of outdated processes so your team can get more done more quickly and with fewer headaches along the way. Paperless Environments® is the automation solution you’ve been waiting for.

Revolutionize How Your Team Works Together.

From the Chief Financial Officer to the Payroll Clerk to the Accounts Payable Clerk, the Paperless Environments® suite of construction software changes the game for your entire team. Our software is designed to remove the time-consuming processes from your construction business and, ultimately, improve your bottom line.

  • Never lose a single document again
  • Easily search and retrieve documents. Make those annual and sales tax audits easier with on-demand account records retrieval
  • Automate document entry and processing with OCR technology
  • Collaborate with your entire team to get work done from the office, the jobsite, or home
  • Review and approve documents remotely
  • Customize automated invoice and document routing rules to suit your team’s process
  • Automate document lifecycle processing
  • Never miss another early payment discount due to lengthy approvals
  • Track invoice status from an intuitive dashboard
  • Distribute documents to your team or directly to customers

What’s Possible With Paperless Environments®?

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  • Automate how your team captures and inputs accounting documents
  • Easily capture documents using desktop scanners, drag-and-drop, print capture, electronic import, web apps, or integration with your Microsoft Office products. 
  • Using advanced OCR technology, our software can recognize document types and automatically scan and digitally store the data from your physical documentation.
  • Backfill additional information from your accounting software with the input of minimal key data. 
  • Capture credit card receipts from your cardholders’ smartphones using eCapture
  • Import credit card transactions and automatically match with corresponding receipt transactions. 
  • Capture any company form electronically from a website, tablet, or smartphone using eForms, our electronic form software. 

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Document Lifecycle Management

  • Manage your entire document retention lifecycle automatically. Archive and purge old documents according to your company policies. No more running to the warehouse to sift through dusty storage boxes! 

Learn more about pVault®

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  • You know what your team needs to do, but time is lost when it comes to getting them the documents they need. By using Paperless Environments®, your team can route documents through the entire process chain without ever handing off physical sheets of paper.
  • Use the construction industry’s leading accounts payable management system, APFlow, to optimize your procurement to payment process.

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  • Review and approve your documentation in just a few clicks – from the office or the jobsite! And if something isn’t right, collaborate digitally with your entire team to make sure corrections are made before final approval. 

Learn more about pVault®

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Track & Report

  • Easily track where every document is in the accounts payable and receivable processes. At a glance, you can see which document is with which member of your team so that you know exactly where to look to keep the ball rolling.
  • Automate the collection and tracking of certificates of insurance and lien waivers easily with Greenlight Compliance Manager.
What Our Customers Are Saying

“The benefits were immediate. My team was granted instant access to all necessary documents at all times, no one spent hours filing documents away, and we experienced overall organization and accountability across the whole team.”

– Ryan Kennedy, President at PS Wholesale


We’re Happy to Show You More Ourselves!

Let’s schedule a personalized demo of our software so that a member of the Paperless Environments® team can walk you through the software. Prepare to be amazed at what you’ll find!

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