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Greenlight Compliance automates lien waiver tracking, insurance tracking, and contractor license compliance in one place. Quickly see a job or vendor’s compliance status without having to run any reports. Just log into Greenlight Compliance and go.

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  • Save time by creating customized lien waiver forms and email templates to send to subcontractors. Greenlight Compliance tracks outstanding lien waiver forms and sends automated warnings when a lien waiver is missing. 
  • Accounting systems let you do minimal compliance checking when the vendor/subcontractor invoice is first entered. APFlow integrates seamlessly with Greenlight Compliance to not only check compliance upon first entering of the invoice, but also later before the check is issued.
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  • Capture and manage insurance certificate information for all Tier 1 and Tier 2 jobsite vendors and contractors. Capture subcontractor lien waivers and insurance certificates using the Greenlight Compliance Portal.
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  • Greenlight Compliance allows you to create insurance limits for each project and track policy endorsements, and easily automate emails to vendors and contractors who are in danger of losing their coverage or certification. Vendors and subs can easily submit their documents right back through the system. It’s all automated, auditable, and documented.


  • Send out automated emails to vendors and subcontractors when they’re at risk of their documents expiring or falling out of compliance.
  • Automatically send emails to subcontractors to request lien waivers when it's time to "Pay when Paid."

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