Equipment Management

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Equipment Management

Optimize Your Equipment Operations.

Owning equipment comes with many responsibilities, starting with accounting, maintenance, employee training, asset management, scheduling maintenance, and ensuring safety. Managing equipment documentation can seem like yet another task related to your assets that you have to spend time on.  However, while it may seem tedious at first, it doesn’t have to be a burden.

Connect Your Paper Documents To Your Equipment.

Managing a large fleet of equipment involves keeping track of a lot of paperwork.  Every asset requires records from the initial purchase to inspection logs and maintenance records. Not having a handle on this documentation can cost your company major money due to regulatory non-compliance or simply paying for parts that were covered under a manufacturer’s warranty.

What’s Possible with Paperless Environments®?
  • Capture equipment asset documents using desktop scanners, drag-n-drop, print capture, electronic import, web apps or Microsoft Office® Add-In functionality.
  • Have instant access to all parts invoices by asset.
  • Enable field mechanics to electronically submit inspection reports and maintenance logs, from the jobsite, along with pictures or video using eForms™.
  • Store user manuals for easy access by customers of your equipment service.
  • Route accident forms with pictures to project managers when back charging jobs for damage using the DocRoute™ module.
  • Ensure that all costs charged to your equipment are sent to you for approval.
  • Get alerts when insurance policies are expiring.
  • Restrict users to view only allowed content with multi-level security-driven access.
  • Efficiently manage personnel files to ensure that driving and training records are up to date.

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