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Human Resources & Payroll

Secure Storage for Your Most Confidential Information.

HR and payroll documents are the lifeblood of every HR/Payroll department. 

HR and Payroll professionals report spending 15% of their time maintaining employee records and up to an hour a day looking for paper documents, files, and emails. To really succeed, HR/Payroll needs a document management platform to digitize employee files and automate paper-based processes.

pVault® is the content management solution for the construction industry that allows you to securely store your employee benefits, performance management documentation, timecard information, and other important employee file information. Build security groups to give the right permissions to the right people and keep confidential information locked down tight.


U.S. businesses spend $8 Billion annually managing paper, according to Forrester Research, and manual HR administration processes cost up to $2,000 per employee per year according to PwC.  

What’s Possible with Paperless Environments®?

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  • Easily capture documents using desktop scanners, drag-and-drop, print capture, electronic import, web apps, or integration with your Microsoft Office products. 
  • Users in the field can easily capture and submit important HR/payroll-related documents like resumes, timecards, benefit enrollment documents, and tax forms from their smartphones using eCapture
  • Gather common HR/payroll documents such as PTO/vacation request forms, change of address forms, etc. from your employees using eForms.

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  • Quickly and easily access documents for an audit by searching by employee number, name, DOB, or other common index values. 
  • Publish employee documents such as payroll check stubs to the internet using ePortal.
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  • Documents are securely stored, and access is allowed, based on your rules, at the document or index data-level.
  • Important PII information is securely encrypted, at rest, to ensure that HIPAA rules are followed.

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  • Multi-level routing rules automate the routing of the incoming documents to the appropriate personnel for approval, comments, processing, and final storage.  
  • Set up routing rules by job, for collecting, routing, and approving timesheets to streamline your payroll functions.

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