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Minimize Risk. Maximize Control.

pVault® equips companies to manage the contract lifecycle from request to approval and change order to payment. Ensure that your construction company is securely capturing all of the legal documentation needed to minimize your exposure and risk. Control access to sensitive information and maintain control over contract review workflows.

pvault® Allows you to:
  • Securely capture and store contracts and supporting data and documents
  • Provide legal personnel with a 360º view of contract-related information, tasks, activities and correspondence
  • Automatically route contracts for review, approval and execution — even digital signature
  • Make it easier to capture emails and jobsite documents, which are part of the contract process, but often times go missing when litigation occurs.
  • Receive automatic notifications of expirations and auto-renewals
  • Support compliance with a full audit trail of all interactions
  • Accelerating contract cycle times and reduce operating costs, minimizing time spent searching for information and manually routing documents
  • Reduce the risk of missed expirations by proactively managing contract milestones
  • Minimizing delays with remote and mobile access to contracts and approval tasks
  • Maximizing existing investments by linking contracts to your ERP systems

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