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Project Management & Field Services

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Our suite of software solutions for the construction industry helps you optimize the time you spend on the jobsite by letting you electronically route project documents for review or approval, upload receipts, vendor information, and stay connected with your team and the home office. From your truck, the road, or wherever you are.

What’s Possible With Paperless Environments®?

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  • Create custom field reports that you can use anywhere with our eForms and ePortal apps.
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  • Easily capture all job-related documents, such as POs, time sheets, change orders, bills of lading, etc.
  • Upload and share job progress photos using eCapture.
  • Capture forms from jobsite employees and subcontractors using eForms
  • Easily store your Excel spreadsheets and job-related emails with the click of a button.
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  • Quickly find your job-related documents without having to search through file cabinets, network drives, or your foreman’s truck dashboard. 
  • Search by any job-related data, like job number, phase or cost code, employee, client, etc. 

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  • Don’t lose time waiting for your team to come back to the office or drop off documents at the end of the day. With Paperless Environments®software suite, your entire team can route documents through the entire process chain without ever handing off physical sheets of paper.
  • Route electronically to employees, subcontractors, or clients and eliminate the time and waste associated with making paper copies. 

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  • APFlow routing rules ensure that you can review, code, and approve all expenses posted to your job.
  • Approve invoices from your desktop, from the web, or even from your smartphone. 
  • Have timesheets, change orders and vacation request forms automatically routed to you for approval with DocRoute.
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  • Manage vendor and subcontractor certificates of insurance. 
  • Automate lien waiver capture for all your vendors and subcontractors. 
  • Receive automatic notifications when employee safety training is due to ensure OSHA compliance.

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