Accounts Receivable

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Accounts Receivable

Automate Your Accounts Receivable Processes

The Paperless Environments® suite of software for the construction industry automates your accounts receivable processes and allows you to easily file, route, store, and retrieve invoices, billings, and supporting documentation whenever you need them.  

  • Easily gather supporting documentation for client billing.
  • Electronically route invoice and supporting documentation for approval before sending to the client.
  • Use our “Pay When Paid” report to determine when to pay your subcontractors.
  • Keep original contract documents safe in the office and use electronic versions through our system to route, review, and approve.
  • Simplify job audits with our Retrieve/Search tool.
  • Clear your desk/office of job billing files.

What’s Possible With Paperless Environments®?

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  • Easily capture documents using desktop scanners, drag-and-drop, print capture, electronic import, web apps, or integration with your Microsoft Office products. 
  • Automate lien waiver capture with Greenlight Compliance Manager.

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  • Documents are securely stored and archived, and easy to retrieve for audits and billing files.

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  • DocRoute integrates seamlessly with your existing DocuSign® membership to collect electronic signatures, route, return, and store executed versions to your Paperless system for audit and compliance.

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Track & Report

  • Easily track where every document is in the accounts payable and receivable processes. At a glance, you can see which document is with which member of your team so that you know exactly where to look to keep the ball rolling.

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