Why You Won’t Dread T&M Billing Anymore

Time and Material (T&M) pricing in the construction management world refers to a type of project in which workers are paid based on how much time is spent in addition to the cost of the materials and overhead expenses utilized on the project over time, as opposed to one fixed price for the completed job.

While the T&M model can be extremely beneficial when working on a large project with an unforeseeable end, it only pays off when you’re able to organize and accurately keep track of everything used and the time it took to use it.

Introducing the CD Plus™ Distribution Module. This product integrates with your pVault® system to take all of your job information including time spent, tasks completed, team members utilized and materials used, then assembles and packages this relevant information for easy delivery to external parties like auditors, project managers and owners.


  • Eliminate the need to copy accounts payable invoices used in T&M billing.
  • Instantly pull project management records and load them on a laptop for off-site job meetings.
  • Offload plans and drawings to CD/DVD for electronic submittals.
  • Pull T&M documents by job and date range, then backfill document indexes referencing invoice transaction record for historical information.
  • Create job-closing CDs/DVDs with all content stored in pVault® for a project.

The associated project documents can be copied to a CD/DVD, USB flash drive or another storage device, along with a viewer for stand-alone viewing of your pVault® documents, all without incurring the time and expense of producing and sending paper copies! 

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